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ARTEBENE signs the Women's Empowerment Principle

ARTEBENE has set itself the goal of actively contributing to the empowerment of girls and women in society. We have been a member of UN Women Germany since 2020 and have signed the Women's Empowerment Principles (WEP's) together with other strong brands to make our commitment to equality clear.

ARTEBENE takes on godparenthood within Plan International


Welcome, little Sreykat!
To as a family-run business, taking on social responsibility is important, and we align our daily activities to the UN Global Compact's principles. Moreover, we have entered into a specific commitment within the children's aid organization Plan International last year, which is also supported by the United Nations Refugee Agency.

Today we are proud godparents of little Sreykat in Cambodia and support her, her family and her community. Especially education for girls in developing countries is one of the most effective solutions in the battle against hunger and exploitation, which is why have decided to take on this godparenthood.

Sreykat will turn 6 in May and lives with her parents who are small farmers in the mountain region of Ratanakiri. She has been visiting primary school since 2019, her favourite subjects are language and local dialect. Ratanakiri is a province in the remote northeast of Cambodia which is known for its lush forests and precious stones, but it unfortunately also belongs to Cambodia's poorest regions. Its 184,000 inhabitants live in villages where infrastructure in the areas health, education and street conditions is very poore. Most people earn there money from seasonal agriculture, growing rice, manioc, cashew nuts and caoutchouk. Only just over a half of the population can read and write. Among others, this has to do with the fact that the next school is more than 30 km away.

Malnutrition among children and mothers is one of the biggest problems that prevent children from a healthy start to their lives. Insufficient access to drinking-water and the lack of hygiene and sanitation facilities expose families to severe health risks.

Sreykat's family gets most of its water from a river, a stream or a lake. It takes them about 30 minutes to get to the next water point. The family does not have toilet facilities. Their home is a small wooden house with a corrugated roof.

Plan International has been active in the Ratanakiri region since 2011 and has already been able to achieve numerous improvements of families' living conditions. Among others, 37 preschool classes have been equipped with teaching materials, four new primary schools, a secondary school and 35 wells have been built. More initiatives will be put into place over the coming five years in order to react to the region's key issues. This includes nursing and support of toddlers, nutrition, education, child protection as well as water and hygiene.

We are glad to be part of this fantastic initiative and look forward to following Sreykat's development through photos and letters from Cambodia. Every member of the ARTEBENE family has embosomed Sreykat already.



In addition to the Plan International godparenthood, we also support the Yadav family in India. With the cost coverage for little Aaradhya's school education, the 4-year-old girl has now been attending kindergarten since March 2022 and will soon be attending primary school. Her father Rajeesh is part of the ARTEBENE partner production facility in India as a driver and is happy about the new opportunities for his little daughter. His employer and mentor Manu Gulati is also enthusiastic: " This is a very noble cause and in our society and religious teachings it is said the biggest help is the help to educate". We look forward to the upcoming reports on Aaradhya's progress and wish her a lot of success in school.

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