The world of ARTEBENE

As beautiful as life

Our aim is easy to describe: We want to make our customers happy. And of course also our partner stores.

That is why we are not satisfied until our favourite pieces from the ARTEBENE Collection have brought a smile on the faces of our retailers, but especially also on those of their customers. No matter which product it is.

How to make writing even more beautiful - ARTEBENE Stationery

In fast-moving times like these when people communicate almost entirely digitally, "analogue" writing has a whole new standing. It has become something sophisticated, something you devote time to and which lets you take joy in creativity and imaginativeness - no matter if you write letters or cards or you receive them. Whether hand-lettering or calligraphy, whether bullet journaling or creating letters and cards: ARTEBENE offers all the right tools for almost any aspect of everyday creativity - including ideas for attractive product presentations and targeted sales support.


How to make giving even more beautiful - ARTEBENE gifts and packagings

Giving has a long tradition across the globe, and also here it is one of the most beautiful ways to say thank you and to show appreciation. However, in many places it is not just the contents that count, but also a creative packaging. And so, wrapping gifts elaborately has become an art form of its own in Japan which is now also largely emulated in our region. That is why ARTEBENE offers not only fantastic gifts, but also matching products to wrap them. Whether ribbons, bows, papers or boxes: Little masterpieces that bring joy to both the receiver and the giver are quickly created with our gift wrapping ideas. Not to forget our partner stores that are able to present these ARTEBENE products as a perfectly matched concept.


How to make living even more beautiful - ARTEBENE Home & Lifestyle

At home or the office, in your favourite corner or outside: Life gets even more beautiful when you surround yourself with pretty things. Small accessories do not only make you feel all comfortable: They become an individual statement that emphasizes your personality. From Favourite Bags to clip-closure pouches, from stylish napkins to lovingly designed pencil bags: The brand ARTEBENE brings joy to everyday life with cool lifestyle items and creative accessories. And it gives our partner stores the opportunity to generate good turnovers and margins thanks to a unique assortment that can only be found in specialized retail.

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