ARTEBENE takes on godparenthood within Plan International

Welcome, little Sreycat!
To as a family-run business, taking on social responsibility is important, and we align our daily activities to the UN Global Compact's principles. Moreover, we have entered into a specific commitment within the children's aid organization Plan International last year, which is also supported by the United Nations Refugee Agency.
Today we are proud godparents of little Sreykat in Cambodia and support her, her family and her community. Especially education for girls in developing countries is one of the most effective solutions in the battle against hunger and exploitation, which is why have decided to take on this godparenthood.
Sreykat wird im Mai 5 und wohnt bei ihren Eltern, die Kleinbauern in der Bergregion Sreykat will turn 5 in May and lives with her parents who are small farmers in the mountain region of Ratanakiri. Ratanakiri is a province in the remote northeast of Cambodia which is known for its lush forests and precious stones, but it unfortunately also belongs to Cambodia's poorest regions. Its 184,000 inhabitants live in villages where infrastructure in the areas health, education and street conditions is very poore. Most people earn there money from seasonal agriculture, growing rice, manioc, cashew nuts and caoutchouk. Only just over a half of the population can read and write. Among others, this has to do with the fact that the next school is more than 30 km away.
Malnutrition among children and mothers is one of the biggest problems that prevent children from a healthy start to their lives. Insufficient access to drinking-water and the lack of hygiene and sanitation facilities expose families to severe health risks.
Sreykat's family gets most of its water from a river, a stream or a lake. It takes them about 30 minutes to get to the next water point. The family does not have toilet facilities. Their home is a small wooden house with a corrugated roof.

Plan International has been active in the Ratanakiri region since 2011 and has already been able to achieve numerous improvements of families' living conditions. Among others, 37 preschool classes have been equipped with teaching materials, four new primary schools, a secondary school and 35 wells have been built. More initiatives will be put into place over the coming five years in order to react to the region's key issues. This includes nursing and support of toddlers, nutrition, education, child protection as well as water and hygiene.
We are glad to be part of this fantastic initiative and look forward to following Sreykat's development through photos and letters from Cambodia. Every member of the ARTEBENE family has embosomed Sreykat already.

"Ich bin ein Berliner"… or rather: We all are!

ARTEBENE exhibited at the PANORAMA show in Berlin for the first time.

Store checks at the KaDeWe and other retailers as well as trendscouting at ANDREAS MURKUDIS' hip concept store made the trip to Berlin absolutely worth doing yet again.
We gained a lot from our meeting with Guya Merkle during Fashion Week. We met Guya at how showroom at Potsdamer Strasse and exchanged our views on sustainable management with the founder of the company VIERI. It became clear quickly that we share the same values as medium-sized companies.
Ever since she took over the jewelry retail business from her parents, she has been monitoring the conditions under which precious metals and stones are mined and processed. 'Child labour in mines' and 'crisis diamonds' are just two of the keywords relating to the injustices that she makes aware of and helps improve on - also with the support of the Earthbeat Foundation which she has established.

Beautiful pieces are created for the Cloud or Candy collections, and people from countries such as Uganda are supported at the same time:
As a young mother, Guya understands her profession as a vocation, which becomes clear instantly when you talk to her: Female power that makes the world that little bit better. We will never purchase a piece of jewelry again without wondering where and under what conditions it was made.

ARTEBENE & Sustainability

For pursuing our vision of sustainable trading, we joined the UN Global Compact in 2017, which is the world’s largest and most important initiative for corporate leadership. We attach greatest importance to observing the UN Global Compact’s 10 universal principles covering human rights, labour, environment as well as the fight against corruption.
Together with the Marine Lab Center, we planted a dedicated ARTEBENE coral garden at the Maldives as a special ARTEBENE environmental initiative. Planting corals contributes significantly to the preservation and restoration of sea corals. Intact coral reefs provide shelter to animals, because they are habitat to fishes and millions of other creatures. Moreover, corals protect coasts by reducing the effects of severe sea storms.
To plant coral gardens, small mud balls are formed as a first step. Each mud ball is carefully laid down by hand and, as a second step, planted with a broken coral. Beate and Rüdiger Kress planted more than 100 new corals for ARTEBENE this way and laid the foundation for a new coral garden. This coral block has been entered in the sea chart under the name of ARTEBENE. Now we have to be patient and to wait for what will develop here in the coming years. Many thanks to the whole Marine Lab Center team, we really learned a lot!

ARTEBENE wins German Brand award 2017

During a festive gala event at the German Historical Museum in Berlin on 29 June 2017, the winners of the German Brand Award were honoured. With this award, the Design Council acknowledges successful brands, consequent brand management and sustainable brand communication.

One of the winners was ARTEBENE. The company was honoured with the German Brand Award in Gold in the category "Industry Excellence in Branding" especially for its integral brand management, which goes beyond the design of an individual product. Please follow this link for a detailed jury statement.

"We regard the brand ARTEBENE as a promise towards our customers, so we are glad that our integral brand management has been honoured. Because a good brand keeps its promise. This is a great total result which we have been able to achieve only together as a company", states Dr. Rüdiger Kress, owner of the ARTEBENE Group

Quality and sustainability – it all starts with the supply chain

What happens to the parcels for our trade partners after leaving the ARTEBENE central warehouse? In the context of our close co-operation with logistics partner DPD, our ARTEBENE logistics team visited the distribution hub in Marl. From here, all our parcels are shipped worldwide and our team got the chance to take a look behind the scenes.

At the meeting, topics like quality as well as CO2 neutral shipping were discussed. “Seasonal peaks and a constant quality require close co-operation and the willingness for continuous improvement” says Volker Möllers, Head of Logistics at ARTEBENE.

Dirk Röttger, our Operations Manager at ARTEBENE, states “The entire supply chain to our retailers has been screened, and a top delivery performance is an important part of our brand's performance bond.“ Our experienced team will continue to work hand in hand with our logistics partners.

Turning customers into fans

ARTEBENE strives to offer excellent performance in service to our retailers and we never tire of maintaining and expanding it. In order to achieve this, all of our involved departments (sales, marketing, design, and logistics) teamed up with the German Society for Quality (DCG) to develop methods and ideas for making our services even more customer-oriented. For this purpose, we analysed customer experiences and determined every contact point with our customers in detail.

You can find an overview of our Performance Bond here:

logistics 4.0

A great number of carefully packed shipments leave ARTEBENE’s warehouse every day. This process will be supported additionally by new scanners in the future. How does that work?

Instead of using a printed packing list, each staff member in our warehouse will use a scanner to flawlessly compile our customers’ orders item by item. Particularly futuristic: The scanner rests on the back of one hand so both hands are free for picking.

Dirk Röttger (Operations Manager ARTEBENE) stresses: “This is a very important project in 2016 to support our Performance Bond to our retailers on a daily basis: “Best” delivery quality – fast and accurate.

Silly season? No way!


Within this year's summer campaign of a German employees' association, a group of interested politicians visited ARTEBENE.

During the exchange on developments in industry and trade, especially the report given by Member of the European Parliament Elmar Brock was "first-hand" information. Dr. Rüdiger Kress explained ARTEBENE's position in Europe and stressed the importance of stable political environments.

With Member of the Landtag Werner Jostmeier, the deputy mayor and the other attendees discussed supraregional subjects such as digitalization, TTIP or inclusion as well as regional questions regarding training and further education or the industrial area's connection to the local glass fibre network.

Royal Culture

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of North Rhine-Westphalia's constitution, ARTEBENE supported a cultural project. Patron of the project “Democracy and Freedom” was British consul general Susan Speller. Without the British parliament, it would not have been possible to rebuild Germany so fast and to preserve the freedom after World War II.

Today, there is a cultural path in Zons near Düsseldorf filled with quotes of British and German personalities, inviting visitors to wander, pause and reflect. At the path’s opening, the consul general was delighted when she found the “Nice to see you” slogan on our ARTEBENE Napkins.

BACK TO THE FUTURE! Looking back on 30 years of ARTEBENE

Often enough we have to adjust to our fast-paced world of today to stay fit for the future. A birthday can also be taken as an opportunity to remember the past.

After a brief look back, ARTEBENE has therefore decided to look ahead together with its retailers. During the Paperworld fair in Frankfurt, practical tips for product presentations were shown at a dedicated area. With our motto “Nice to see you”, those that we have been working together with in partnership for 30 years are put centre stage: Our retailers. During the sales meeting for the launch of our new Autumn/Christmas collection 2015, we celebrated the big birthday once again adequately in the style of the 80s - true to the motto “Back to the future”.

ARTEBENE plunging into "creative chaos"

During an intensive workshop led by the agency trendINNOVATION, ARTEBENE was introduced to new methods and tools of innovation management, which were then tested right away.

14 participants competed on ideas and applied techniques such as "Breaking Rules", the "Empathy List" or "Idea Tennis" in four creative teams.

Strength in numbers

During the sales meeting held for the presentation of the Autumn/Christmas collection 2014, the ARTEBENE team showed once more what can be achieved together.

The team of 35 colleagues from Germany, Austria and Switzerland demonstrated their team spirit. In different disciplines the motley teams coped with challenges like skiiing or bridge building. Our favourite was a simple but very funny game: wrapping presents - but with tied hands.

artebene is "national champion"


ARTEBENE was nominated as a National Champion of the European Business Award. "This award clearly belongs to our staff - their daily commitment for our trade partners enabling us to be alongside the best in Europe with enterprises such as Wiesenthal (AU), Katjes International (D) or Inapa (PT)", Beate and Dr. Rüdiger Kress stated. Harriet-Susanne Opitz (Creative director) and designer Karen Upmann accepted this award on behalf of ARTEBENE during a festive reception at the British Embassy in Berlin.

Thank you for visiting us!

Within the scope of their dual studies, students of the Berufsakademie Hagen paid a visit to ARTEBENE HQ. Within their excursion "Live experience with medium-sized businesses: Speed-Dating - 3 enterprises within 3 hours" the students gained a lot of insights and asked smart questions in turn...

We wish them good luck with their further studies!

Nip in the bud


Several tons of paper - the risk of fire is always present. During a fire drill at the company's headquater ARTEBENE staff now showed a burning commitment to prevent things from going up in smoke.

Did you know that a fire extinguisher of 9 kg is emptied within 18 seconds? (rule of thumb: weight x 2 = use in seconds)

Autumn/Christmas Collection 2013

Too many cooks do not spoil the soup - but they prepared a wonderful menu - and thoroughly enjoyed it afterwards.

At the collective cooking event during our sales meeting for the Autumn/Christmas Collection, the ARTEBENE team once again showed what can be achieved collectively - superb!

Six month's work in 180 seconds!

This video is a documentation of the building of the new ARTEBENE warehouse in super quick time (Kudos to "Struppi"). From June to November we tracked the progress on production work.

Since December 2012 we have been sending orders to our clients all over Europe - and beyond - from this new facility.

For viewing the video please click here!

Crocodiles and super powers

Within the schools project 40 kids of the Ostwall-primary school got to know the making of a greeting card from its design right up to the recipient.

The creative kids also designed their own cards and added suggestions like:

- Why don't we see crocodiles riding bycyles.... or
- If I had super powers, then I would....

written in their own individual and delightful way.

With the design studio, the 9 to 11 year old pupils learned how to use modern picture editing, and finally within the ARTEBENE warehouse they could find out how a bow refines a card, and where the lift trucks "live".

Third time lucky!


For the third time ARTEBENE invited to run for the Pirates Camp of the German Children Cancer Foundation. Within the scope of the Lüdinghausen City Run, 18 runners completed runs of 5km and 10km, which despite the bad weather proved to be good fun for everyone, and all for a charitable purpose:

For every km completed, ARTEBENE donated 5 Euros to Priates Camp charity. A total of 600 Euros was raised through direct donations, which in the end was rounded up to a total of 1,000 Euros.

ARTEBENE is awarded as a think tank

ARTEBENE is one of the Top 100 innovators amongst the German medium-sized companies in 2012!

The are endued with an excellent inventive talent, commendable innovations processes and build bridges from ideas to market success: the most innovative medium-sized enterprises in Germany. The seal of approval was ceremonially handed over by German TV host Ranga Yogeshwar the 22nd June.

For the employees of ARTEBENE innovation means to newly design 70% of all products twice a year and to improve all company processes. Beate and Dr. Rüdiger Kress are pleased about this distinction and emphasize the team effort: "The seal of approval is felt as an honour for our employees. Their enthusiasm and endeavour build the innovation factor number one."

artebene is now sending CO2 neutral via DPD


Due to the cooperation with the parcel service provider DPD ARTEBENE sets another example regarding environmental consciousness: a CO2- neutral shipment of all parcels.

With the so-called "Total Zero Principle" the CO2-emission should be reduced to a minimum by selective measures and unnecessary consumption should be avoided. As one of the first parcel service providers DPD is also shipping CO2 neutral globally by July 2012 - completely without extra costs for the customer. Thus, around 500.000 tons CO2 can be avoided per year.

ARTEBENE stays on the move


For some years, ARTEBENE has supported the "Pirates Camp" of the German Children´s Cancer Foundation by participating in a charity run in Lüdinghausen. For every kilomenter completed, 5 Euros are donated. The ARTEBENE-running team started with more than 40 joggers this year. "You cannot run away from cancer, but you can run for it", Dr. Rüdiger Kress (owner of ARTEBENE) praised the engagement of employees and friends of the company. All runners "collected" 250 km and achieved, together with direct donations and donations in kind, 1.500 Euros in total for the good cause. A great result for which we again thank every participant!

A brand on the upswing


In the context of a workshop the enterprises Papierunion and ARTEBENE exchanged information on innovative solutions and market requirements. Symbol of the joint day: a flight in the Paperunion balloon over the head office of ARTEBENE.

By the way: the inventors of hot air ballons - the brothers Montgolfier - together managed a paper mill and founded the first professional school for papermakers. While burning the paper, they noticed physical principals and in 1783, they raised the first balloons.







Space optimization with trading partners

Promotional areas - basic assortments - brand presentation: Ms Leins-Bender (lecturer for trade marketing at the LDT Nagold) chaired a joint workshop. The field managers of ARTEBENE acquired the freshest knowledge on optimal product presentation and space optimizations. Good examples for an optimal area layout were given using pictures of selected partners in retail.

artebene Design furnishes new studio

The design team have now moved to new offices in the "Red Office": "The architecture of this building is great - the lighting conditions in the studio are outstanding.".

"We are thrilled - although it is creative chaos at the moment", says Creative Director Harriat-Susanne Opitz.

Ongoing beneficial action


With the participation in the city run in Lüdinghausen ARTEBENE appealed for social engagement: for every kilometer completed, 5 Euros were donated to the German Children Cancer Foundation. ARTEBENE has been supporting the "Pirates Camp" for some years which is borne and financed by a group of parents of children suffering from cancer. The ARTEBENE team started with 25 participants completing distances of 5 and 10 kilometers. Fun was the main focus - with a lap time of 46 minutes at a 10 km distance ARTEBENE also finished in the front ladies rank. Even greater happiness arose when the result of the overall engagement was announced:

725 Euros were collected for the good cause:

Architecture, art, jewellery - exchange about good design across different branches

ARTEBENE's designers gladly accepted the invitation of two friendly studios for an exchange across different branches. Galeriehaus Grosche ( and the studio of Ursular Commandeur ( served as a place for exchanges of experience.

Whereas the successful combination of work, art and living built the main focus at the studio of Kersten and Mathias Grosche , Ursula Commandeur gave an overview of her ceramic work for which she has been awarded with important art prizes in Spain and Australia e.g. At the end of the day and after having gained great impressions, lots of ideas and now being full of beans, all designers could not wait to return to theirs "Macs" - a clear case of withdrawal symptoms.

Special-Show at PAPERWORLD

Material studies, using techniques in an experimental manner, unconventional ideas from handmade papers to webdesign - in the framework of a special show during the Paperworld the best projects of the University of Münster - faculty of design - were presented.

Cooperation with university of design

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary in 2010, the designers of ARTEBENE are working on a joint project with the University of Münster. In times like these, the development of innovative and successful products is particularly important. Since 1985, a unique position through design and quality has been an important ingredient of ARTEBENE's formula for success.

40 young designers of the University of Münster have now embraced the project "25" and interpreted it in a refreshing way for ARTEBENE. In this process, the product and communications designers harked back to sheet wrap presenters from 1985, included the current collection and highlighted in which directions certain things could be developed.

School project with ARTEBENE

Within a joint project of ARTEBENE with the 4th grade of the Ostwallschule/Lüdinghausen, a gift wrap paper especially for school starters was designed. After a short introduction to the development process of a gift wrap paper, 4th graders drew around 250 motifs. Afterwards, the little rising designers watched in amazement how the following stages of production were taken on screen and printing machine.

Pickings for the pirates

During the Christmas season, ARTEBENE reported that the German Children Cancer Foundation should be supported specifically. While visiting the "Pirates Camp" Dr. Rüdiger Kress was able to convince himself of the use of the resources. Camping holidays are offered to children suffering from cancer and their siblings. Through the engagement which ARTEBENE - also on behalf of its clients - is following this year, around 20 additional places can be offered.

Volvo & ARTEBENe

ARTEBENE is well known for top design products not only in their industry. Beate Kress (MD ARTEBENE design) and Dr. Rüdiger Kress (MD ARTEBENE GmbH) were invited by Volvo Cars recently to discuss successful design with designers from different industry sectors. It did not take long to notice that both companies share their claim to offer products with character, unique designs, clearly addressing target groups and a proper brand management.




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