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Our sales team are getting prepared for the launch of our new collection: “READY FOR TAKE-OFF” – with our new flight cases.
ARTEBENE is a family-owned company in Lüdinghausen situated in the heart of the Münsterland region. Being located not far from the beautiful university city of Münster and the Ruhr Area, each and every ARTEBENE product is created here.
Every day, our headoffice's team of more than 45 employees take care of new products and provide the best possible service for retailers and consumers. Every single step in the process from developing products to shipping them is done hand in hand. Heart of the team is our own Design Studio, consisting of professionals from a variety of backgrounds such as fashion design and graphic arts. They develop each of our products to the tiniest detail.



„Product development aided by hand, heart, head, scissors, pencil and glue – that is how our products are created in our design department."

Beate & Rüdiger Kress, Owner of the ARTEBENE GmbH

All creations, whether stationery, gift wrapping items or lifetyle accessories, are made with passion and love of detail and do not only follow current design trends, but set standards of their own. This makes ARTEBENE a real must-have brand which turns even the smallest moments into something special. And it also provides our partner stores with increasing turnovers, because:
Our products are little globe trotters, travelling from their birthplace in Lüdinghausen, Germany. They are thought up to the tiniest detail here, brought to life by our production partners all around the globe and then start their journey to your shop. But only if we are entirely happy with them - just typically ARTEBENE. Our national subsidiaries in Sarreguemines (France) as well as in London and Barcelona provide for an optimum service for our European customers.
Our draft designs are carefully turned into first prototypes manually in order to visualize how we imagine the final product.
In order to ensure that each of our designs is unmistakably ARTEBENE, everything is created in-house by our Creative Team. They think up every design with great attention to detail.
Longstanding partnerships with manufacturers around the globe are the basis for the high quality of ARTEBENE products. Regular factory audits give us a clear picture of how our ranges are produced.
Every single ARTEBENE product is created in the "Red Office" in Lüdinghausen, right in the center of the Münsterland. Our showroom is a real highlight - this is the place where our new collections are presented.
Our central warehouse is the linchpin for modern logistics. The team pack our products carefully and send them to customers around the globe.
Our office dog Amy gets her dose of tender loving care every day which puts everyone in a good relaxed mood. In return, Amy from time to time offers her services as a model for pictures on social media.
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