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You never get a second chance for the first impression - this also goes for product presentations and sales areas. No matter if it is a large department store or the small shop around the corner - a beautiful decoration of products sparks emotions, puts in a good mood and increases the customers' interest. Thus, laying out your sales areas is part of modern marketing and an effective tool to stay the central contact point for customers as well as to motivate buying decisions with the right presentation.

It all starts with a shopping window


A shop's window is its trademark! We look at a shopping window as if it was a business card, because it gives customers a first impression of what is sold inside. An attractive shopping window stimulates curiosity and makes the customer take his decision whether to visit the shop. We have compiled a few tips:

Mirror your assortment

Give your customers a first impression of our assortment by choosing the right products. Try not to clutter your shopping window - instead, align your choice of relevant products to the image of your shop and your target group. Additional decoration can be used in a supportive way in order to accentuate the actual assortment. But beware: Too much decoration may distract the customer from what you would like him to buy. 

Light shines bright

Set the scene for your shopping window by using the right lighting. You can spark emotions and create a cozy atmosphere with warm light which has an inviting effect on potential buyers. Set highlights with direct spotlights and accentuate individual products. The most important products should be placed at eye level. For smaller shopping windows the use of brighter colours and light is advisable.

Use matching occasions

Whether Christmas, Easter, Mother's or Father's Day, weddings, birthdays, Halloween… Actually, there is a great number of occasions throughout the year that are perfect to be used for turnover-generating window decorations. Especially for Christmas a festive decoration is advisable, because that is when customers are especially generous. Ideally, the shopping window should get a new layout every four weeks so customers can discover something new all the time.

Shopping window done differently

The typical shopping window design cannot always be realised by placing products. Too many shopping windows that would actually have to be equipped with products or the lack of space in the shop leading to too little space for products in the windows are just two reasons.

Our customer Exclusive Retail in Sarajevo has developed a great alternative: They use their windows for promotional posters that show the general assortment. Emotional pictures such as pretty product compositions on the posters are informative and inviting at the same time. In addition, they give the customer an insight into the store so he loses his inhibitions to enter the store.

Our advice: Shopping windows with posters are also perfect when there are changing cubicles behind the windows. This creates sufficient privacy for your customers.

Spark emotions with the right shop layout

Once the shopping window has stimulated the customer's curiosity, he will definitely come in. Now, he will also want to see the displayed products in the shop of course. An increased demand can be expected for accentuated products especially. Stock quantities should be checked regularly so you can reorder with the wholesaler in time. But a proper product presentation is not only important for shopping windows but also for the shop itself, because it is the most important spot for binding customers!

You can create a small shopping palace by providing cozy environments, good service and exciting designs. Use the weakness of online trade and offer your customers a very special shopping experience by sparking emotions. Make your customers remember you!
Dive into small theme worlds
Create small theme worlds that your customers can dive into. Themed tables with harmonized products have an absolutely attractive effect on customers. Combine products from different categories such as gift wrapping, writing and giving and present the assortment with attention to detail - just like our customer Schreibkultur in Bremen (right picture).

On ARTEBENE's website, you can see products aligned to theme worlds with just one click. So dive into our theme worlds created by our designers with great love and enjoy attractive product presentations in your shop.

Small tips for a great effect

Spice up your sales area in no time and with just a few flicks of the wrist: Whether you use additional decorative items, plants, application examples or an extraordinary product presentations. Increase your turnovers by drawing your customer's attention to the products.
  Inspire with pompoms

Decoration and inspiration at the same time. Pompoms are quickly made and look pretty. In addition, they offer your customers a small inspiration for their homes. Pompoms are great as party decorations, pretty patio accessories or turned into a garland - any colour combination is allowed. Click here for a DIY pompom video. Add a little green for the comfort factor

Plants improve general well-being and can therefore be used perfectly in sales areas. When they are placed discreetly and are well looked after, they can do real wonders.. Fill empty rooms

Empty spaces between the ceiling and the actual product presentation often remain unused in sales areas. Turn these spaces into eye-catchers for your customers. You can put products on threads and hang them from the ceiling - just like the umbrellas and greeting cards on this picture. Create a dreamy atmosphere and fascinate your customers.
Just let me hang around, I like it that way

The pretty Favourite Bags can be integrated nicely in sales areas. It does not need much space. Just choose one of the Favourite Bags and put it up on a rail with a hanger. It works the same with trouser hangers: Fix the bag on both sides and hang it on a rail. A great product presentation composed with a variety of different designs can be created this way and the customer can browse the bags piece by piece.

Wardrobes, chairs and armchairs are also perfectly suitable for presenting bags. They can be used for other pretty bags as well, such as shopping bags, beach bags or mini bags.
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