Secret Garden

"Back to nature! When flowers bloom and bees buzz, green oases become relaxing retreats. Nature-oriented thinking and environmental consciousness are the big subjects in 2020 and more present than ever. Hidden natural gardens, bee-friendly plants and natural materials are the nature-lovers' response. Just like nature, "Secret Garden" bursts with life and shows colourful blossoms, a fresh green as well as tender birds and butterflies. Watercoloured poppy flowers combined with kraft paper provide a great look of natural elegance.
From the coming season, the premium bags in the ARTEBENE Collection will be provided with new tags and bottom embossings. The slogan ""Use me twice so our world stays nice. Premium Quality for a long life"" points to the bags' high quality ensuring sturdiness and reusability. They are far too beautiful for being used just once.
The trend colours May Green, Rose Wood and Peacock Blue dispense a spring-like breeze of lightness."

Insight into The World of Theme Secret Garden

Last update: Nov 24, 2020 at 3:50 AM
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